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Since more than 15 years, AnyGenes® scientists develop and produce innovative high throughput screening products for signaling pathways analysis. Our kits and innovative solutions have been developed as efficient tools for the analysis of a large collection of signaling pathways in many species, for biomarkers identification and validation, and gene expression profile validation from NGS and microarrays results.

AnyGenes, with its innovative & cost effective technologies and products and its proprietary molecular platform, helps: 1. scientists to accelerate their projects and scientific publications, 2. biotech and pharma companies to accelerate their drug development including biomarkers discovery and validation.

Located in Paris, within Tenon Hospital in the 20th arrondissement, AnyGenes® is a key player in the biotechnology field. Supported by Ile-de-France region, MEDICEN competitive cluster and BPIFRANCE, our activity is now expanded at the international level.

4 rue de la Chine
75020 Paris FRANCE

Localisé à Paris, AnyGenes développe et commercialise des produits innovants pour le criblage haut débit et l'analyse des voies de signalisation.