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Signaling Pathways title  LncRNA qPCR assays : individual primers to qPCR arrays


LncRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, are long RNA (more than 200 nucleotides) that do not encode for proteins. However it is well known now that, they have several functions involved in many cellular mechanism, including signaling pathways regulation, activation and repression of transcription, chromatin structure regulation, post transcriptomic regulation… which make them potential biomarkers.

Specific LncRNAs qPCR assays have been designed and validated at experimental level by AnyGenes® team, in order to propose you complete solutions for the analysis of individual LncRNA or panels of LncRNAs in 96- or 384-well qPCR array format.
All our LncRNAs qPCR assays are all-in-one solution, ready-to-use.
AnyGenes® uses his own updated and stringent LncRNA database to offer you assays always at the nearest of the last discoveries, supported by scientific publications with high impact factors.
LncRNA qPCR assay Analyse the expression of LncRNA in your samples with our LncRNA qPCR assays: individual primers and qPCR arrays.

Signaling Pathways title  Optimal LncRNA specificity for best qPCR results

The primer design made on 2 exons guarantees very high specificity in qPCR and avoid any contaminating gDNA amplification.
These assays have been developed and optimized with our own Perfect Master Mix SYBR® Green to guarantee optimal performance in qPCR, even with small amounts of difficult samples (FFPE, LCM samples). Customers that ordered LncRNAs qPCR assays or LncRNAs qPCR arrays, have been also interested by complementary products :

We can also provide high quality services for the identification and validation of specific LncRNA by using our proprietary high-throughput molecular platform for gene expression analysis: see our biomarker services platform.

Signaling Pathways title  LncRNA qPCR assays prices

individual qPCR assays
(Validated Primer Sets)
96-well qPCR arrays
(SignArrays 96)
384-well qPCR arrays
(SignArrays 384)

For more information on prices, please contact us at contact@anygenes.com

These prices are available only in FRANCE, please contact your local distributors of your country